Lath Walk

Lath Walk


Salvaged materials (lath, broom handles, screws, masonite), twine, latex paint

Artist Residency at Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC

Installation that employs an optical illusion to translate the architectural and social history of the museum building into a proprioceptive historical tour of the building. 

I compared information from City Directories, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, historic photographs, oral histories and secondary sources to inform a series of brief texts about the building’s early 20th-century history. These were transcribed backwards onto signs modeled after local roadside historic markers, and placed along a boardwalk pathway installed upside-down on the ceiling. 

The viewer walks under the path using a custom-made mirror. Using the mirror triggers a shortcut in the brain, creating the sensation of walking upside-down on the boardwalk. It also allows them to read the signs.